Four Ways to Boost your Immune Health


Coming into the Australian winter, it is natural that your attention turns to simple and affordable ways you can boost your immune function. Having a strong immune system will help ward off colds and flu’s and if you do come down with one, it is likely to be less severe if you are otherwise in good health. Wholelife Wellness Centre’s  Naturopath Sarah has the following tips to help you optimise your wellbeing.

Eat a wide variety of whole and fresh foods

Make sure you have lots of variety in the fruits and vegetables you are eating and where possible buy seasonal produce. Seasonal fruit and veg has lots of benefits including being in plentiful supply and therefore a little cheaper! Fruit and vegetables contain lots of goodies such as vitamins and minerals that will support your immune system and keep your digestive system healthy.

Try to avoid processed foods or packaged foods and repeat the mantra fresh is best.

Processed and packaged foods can lose nutritional value as they are manufactured. Depending on what you buy, it can also have additives that enhance flavour or appearance but not your immune system!

Take to the great Outdoors.

Being out in fresh air and sunshine has lots of benefits for your immune system. Sunlight helps your body produce Vitamin D which is a known immune system booster. Exercise can also help improve your mood and general wellbeing. Please remember, while we promote a daily dose of sunshine for immune health, we also encourage you to do this safely. Morning sun is sufficient and you only need a few minutes for Vitamin D synthesis to occur. And always wear sunscreen for repeated or long exposure!

Supplements and herbal extracts

Eating a healthy diet is the best way to get the vitamins and minerals necessary for an illness free winter. However, there are times when supplementation can assist. Our Naturopath Sarah suggests including Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D as the main vitamins and minerals to improve immune function. Herbs such as Echinacea, Andrographis and Elderberry are also known to help improve your immunity.

Wholelife Wellness Centre’s naturopath Sarah is in-store Tuesday – Saturday to help you with boosting your immune system and any questions you may have. Book an appointment here.


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