How we can help with your Nutrition concerns

Our Nutritionists are dedicated to helping clients reach their health and wellness goals by using a holistic approach to healing. They use a variety of methods including up to date pathology testing to determine the cause of health conditions, and why the body is holding onto illness or disease. Our team have a thorough understanding of the different facets that bring about poor health, such as low thyroid function, nutritional deficiencies, emotional eating, inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, food intolerances and poor digestion.

One of our specialties is weight loss. There are many reasons that people may be unable to shed unwanted kilos apart from the obvious factors of diet and exercise. This can be frustrating for those who want to lost weight and despite their best efforts have not been successful. Our nutritionists may be able to identify reasons why losing weight has been difficult and help you on a path to success.

Weight Loss




Hormonal Imbalances

Nutrition Pricelist

Initial Nutrition consultation 60 minutes


Follow up Nutrition consultation 30 minutes


Initial Nutrition consult with Iridology 60 minutes


Follow up Nutrition consult with Iridology 30 minutes


Initial BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis Scan)


Follow up BIA (we can add this service  to any Naturopath or Nutrition consultation)


Tranquility Treatment

Best de-stress on the Sunshine Coast

Great products, great services, great people. This is the reason why I moved to the Sunshine Coast – to be with like-minded people who are passionate about health and the environment. Great Job Wholehealth Wellness Centre Maroochy!


Never felt better

I recently had a massage with Sarah. She was unreal! It went for 90 mins and she stuck to my preferred ‘firm’ pressure the entire time! I was so relaxed and felt amazing after. Would definitely recommend, she was so professional and lovely. Thank-you


Float perfection

Went into the float tank for the first time today and have to say I absolutely loved it! Super clean, comfortable and relaxing, The staff were wonderful and the added touch of tea and a snack afterwards was great. 10/10!


Best therapeutic massage

Massage here is great!! Gave exactly what I needed, as I workout a bit and was hard enough, but also therapeutic and relaxing. Felt like going straight to bed for a long sleep straight afterwards!! Thanks!!


Organic Facial Bliss

I have just had the most sensational organic facial with a bonus foot massage with Julie. Very highly recommend! I’ll will defnitely be back. Thank you so much Julie