Naturopathic medicine helps the body use its own innate and powerful ability to heal. During a detailed appointment, our Naturopath looks at your diet, lifestyle, family history and environmental factors alongside symptoms you are experiencing. They will take a holistic approach, working with you and your health practitioner to develop a program that supports your healing process and helps you return to a state of optimum health and well-being.

We use a range of herbs and nutritional supplements to achieve this improvement in health. Our naturopath will work with our pharmacist or you medical practitioner to make sure the protocol works with other medication you might be taking. At all times, your health is our primary concern.

Naturopath Consultation Pricelist

  • Initial Naturopath Consultation - 60 mins $150
  • Return Naturopath Consultation - 30 mins $90
  • Initial Couples Naturopath Consultation - 60 mins $200
  • Return Couples Naturopath Consultation - 30 mins $110

Now offering Afterpay on Naturopath Services

We are now offering Afterpay on Naturopath consults and the scripts that follow the appointment.

* Can not be put onto Wholelife loyalty and not to be used with any other offer.

Meet our Naturopaths:


Elisse is Bachelor Degree qualified naturopath. 

She is passionate about herbal and nutritional medicine alternatives and believes that identifying and treating the root cause is the best way to achieve positive, long-term health outcomes. Elisse takes a strong educational approach in clinical practice to ensure her clients are empowered with the knowledge and understanding of both their condition and the treatment strategy. Development of treatment protocols is with a client centred approach, meeting them where they are in their health journey. 

Elisse is a general practice naturopath who specialises in acne. Other area’s of interest include thyroid and metabolic conditions, autoimmune diseases, menopause, gut and mental health. 

Elisse's specialties


Bella is a Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Bella combines her academic background with a drive for delivering effective symptomatic relief and long-lasting wellness solutions to woman.

Bella’s approach to client care is deeply rooted in holistic principles, and personal experience where she strives to uncover and address the underlying causes of rather than simply addressing the symptoms. As a seasoned general practitioner, she specialises in guiding women through various hormonal conditions, drawing from her experience in treating complex issues such as PMDD, endometriosis, PCOS, menopausal symptoms, gut health, anxiety, thyroid disorders, pre-conception, pregnancy, and metabolic conditions.

Through personalised treatment, Bella creates sustainable health plans for long term health outcomes for woman.

Whether you’re seeking support for a specific health concern or looking to improve your overall well-being, she is here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Bella's specialties


Tara’s qualifications include Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine.  

Tara is passionate about promoting greater health equity and autonomy through the sharing knowledge and skills that promote sustainable health solutions.  Enhancing our understanding and appreciation of that which grows around us and with us is the key to promoting health for all. 

Tara is a general practitioner with a strong interest in: 

  • Integrative care for people living with chronic and complex health conditions
  • Treatment resistant nutrient depletion
  • Healthy aging

Elisse is a general practice naturopath who specialises in acne. Other area’s of interest include thyroid and metabolic conditions, autoimmune diseases, menopause, gut and mental health.

Tara's specialties

We specialise in:

Functional Testing

Functional testing aims to investigate the status of functional, biochemical, nutritional, metabolic, and hormonal processes through the use of evidence-based investigation. Functional tests are invaluable in detecting potentially detrimental imbalances and dysfunction, which are often the underlying cause for disease presentation. Functional pathology testing provides an easily accessible tool for our practitioners to identify, treat and manage the health of our patients.


Our clinic stocks an extensive range of science first nutritional and therapeutic formulations from industry leading brands. Treating holistically to achieve optimum health is to identify and treat the root cause and not simply to band aid the symptom. Our naturopaths have a comprehensive knowledge of each products mechanism of action and therapeutic application as well as how they may interact with any prescription medications you may be on, meaning you will always get the most individually suited supplements for you.


Our clinicians will work to determine the underlying causes of fatigue and develop an individualised treatment plan to address the root cause. Naturally supporting energy production, adrenal function and any pain or mood issues associated with the fatigue presentation.

Gut Health

Gut health is a pillar of naturopathic medicine and health overall. Naturopaths and nutritionists like to call the gut ‘the second brain’. Many body systems tie back into gut health such as the immune system, skin conditions, hormones, and energy just to name a few. We will look at gut function to assess its roll in your health presentation, as well as addressing any specific gut conditions or dysfunction if present.


We work closely with hormonal conditions in clinic as they largely impact quality of life. Our clinicians work closely with female hormonal conditions such as PCOS, acne, PMS, period irregularities, endometriosis, painful periods, and post pill.

Lifestyle Advice

Our clinicians have a holistic approach to achieving optimum health, taking not only physical but mental and social health into consideration. Personalised lifestyle interventions make up part of your tailored treatment plan. Lifestyle practices are advised to compliment your prescription and achieve positive health outcomes. They include practices like, yoga, meditation, stretching, sauna, hydrotherapy, dry brushing, and counselling to name a few.

Herbal Medicine

In our clinic, we love herbal medicine! Herbal liquids, also known as tinctures, give us the amazing ability to tailor medicine to you. In consultation, we ask various comprehensive questions which help us discern what exact herbal medicines we might put into your mix. Backed with a rich traditional history and now western science, herbal medicines help us to treat the root cause of what’s going on for you.

Stress & Anxiety

Our clinicians take a holistic approach to treating stress and anxiety by thoroughly analysing each individual case. In order to determine the underlying drivers both physically and what may be contributing in one’s diet and lifestyle. Natural medicine offers a broad selection of safe and effective treatment options to help manage stress, the way one responds to stress and anxiety.


Good sleep is a fundamental pilar for health and wellbeing. There are a number of ways naturopathy can be an extremely helpful resource for sleep problems such as sleep latency or maintenance insomnia. Naturopathy adopts a holistic approach which seeks to address the root cause and help to mitigate behaviours and patterns that contribute to sleep disturbance. Employing safe and effective supplements that don’t cause drowsiness the following day.

Immune Support

Natural medicine is integral in the support of immune system function. Our clinicians are able to determine where you may require extra support be it nutrient deficiencies, gut health, inflammation or autoimmunity management.


Our clinical Naturopaths and nutritionists can treat a range of chronic and acute skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, fungal infections, and acne. Through holistic analysis of your individual case our clinicians can determine the contributing factors and underlying drivers of the atopic presentation. They then create an individualised treatment protocol employing both diet and lifestyle interventions with herbal and nutritional supplementation for long-term, positive treatment outcomes.


Natural medicine offers safe and effective treatment options for many metabolic conditions such as diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol, hypertension, and obesity. By treating root cause and implementing tailored diet, lifestyle and medicinal intervention can reduce metabolic markers and decrease the need for pharmaceutical medication.

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