Float Therapy. What are the benefits?


Have you ever wondered why people spend time in float tanks or pools or what the benefits of Float Therapy are? Read on as the experts at Wholelife Wellness Centre at Maroochydore explain why it is so good for you.

Floatation Therapy has an abundance of fantastic benefits! Users report finding relief from muscle aches and pains, insomnia, headaches,  stress and more. We have sports people use float therapy as a way to prepare for or recover from big events and busy executives love floating to help them focus on upcoming presentations or to recover from stressful weeks at work.

But how does it work?

The relief people find comes from the feeling of weightlessness they experience. Our unique float pools contain around 400kg of magnesium which helps people float effortlessly and penetrates the body to relieve muscular aches and pains. The float rooms are darkened upon entry which brings about a form of sensory deprivation with users saying the feeling is akin to that of coming out of mediation – it clears the mind and helps with focus.

Another way of looking at floating is being in an anti-gravity zone which allows the spine to decompress, taking the pressure of each vertebrae.

What is different about Floating at Wholelife Wellness Centre?

Our unique float pools are open which alleviates the feelings of claustrophobia some people experience in traditional float tanks. The room is still completely dark to help quieten your mind and we can pipe your choice of music or podcast through the room to help you focus or conversely relax.

The size of the float pools allows for singles or couples floats which is something you won’t find in too many locations.

Do you love what you have read and want to try floating?. You can book a float here.


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