How to protect and support your skin through winter


As we enter into winter, I’m sure we are all familiar with how the change in weather effects our skin, we begin to experience dry, tight, rough and dull skin. Cool temperatures negatively affect the skins natural skin barrier by causing trans epidermal water loss (our skins natural water evaporating off our skin) to occur. When we lose water and oil the barrier will become imbalanced which will begin to cause the dryness we experience. So, do we just have to stick it out or is there something we can do? Good news! Theres multiple things we can implement into our daily routines to support the skin during this time.

Firstly, updating your skin routine to better support your skin is a must, some great ingredients include:

Hyaluronic Acid- one of the safest and most researched skin acid, it binds to our natural water that sits in our skin barrier and swells to three times its size giving your skin a massive drink of water. It is important to know this acid sits very superficially in the skin and wont hydrate your lower dermal layers so making sure were drinking the recommended 2L a day will ensure your hydrated from the inside out.

Enzyme’s- one of my favourite exfoliating acids when the skin needs to be exfoliated, there gentle as the skin is more sensitive in winter however, they still get the job done. Exfoliation is a controversial topic in the skin community especially around winter time, I do believe we need to exfoliate however always seek advice from a skin therapist before adding this into your routine.

Botanical and topical oils- These are my all-time favourite ingredients to introduce into the routine. Omega-3, Omega-6, jojoba oil and sea buckthorn are my personal favourites and do an amazing job at nourishing the skin and regulating oil production, they also restore the skin’s barrier and makes the skin appear glowy.

Vitamin E- Vitamin E promotes healing in the skin and is an amazing anti-inflammatory to settle any inflammation

Skincare is the number one way to support our skin however there is a few lifestyle factors we need to be mindful of, these include:

. Making sure were drinking 2L of water a day

. Showering in lukewarm water, having a scalding hot shower will only just dry out our skin further

. Be mindful of heaters and fires as they will dry the skin significantly

In clinic treatments can also be very beneficial to the skin, here at the Wellness Centre we have a range of facials and treatments that can help your skin through winter. If your stuck on skincare, ingredients or treatments you can always book a consultation with me.

I look forward to seeing you in clinic soon x


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